Viatek Products 

Viatek Products are products that you can use every day and are unlike anything else. Due to strong commitment to produce high quality products, there is no early wear and tear. Consumers can feel confident knowing that they have a product that can be used over and over again, saving time and money. With an increase demand for products that can execute professional results, Lou Lentine has developed products that can be used in the comfort of the home at a fraction of the price. Each and every product is tested by Viatek’s technical team of experts and perfected for its individual use.

Due to their wonderful and beneficial results, the popularity of Viatek Products has increasedenormously thereby multiplying the sales figures to a remarkable height. Understanding the hidden opportunity of greater business, many international reputed firms are approaching Mr. Lou Lentine , the mastermind inventor of Viatek Products, for joint-business deals.

As a sincere and honest business man, Mr. Lou Lentine only signs agreements that mirror his desire to have safe, effective products that will not do any harm to the general users of the product.

Mr. Lou Lentine seeks to please the consumer and puts their safety first, which is why he continues to develop innovative Viatek Products.

VPs are free of defect due to strict quality control and above all, VPsare all made with safety in mind, according to the international rules of safety and protection.The overwhelming customer’s response is also due to the true and detailed presentation of Viatek Products on Home Shopping Channels of USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany and Japan, appearing personally by Mr. Lou Lentine. Since 1996, MrlouLentine is hosting these Home Shopping channels very successfully. Millions of people from all parts of the world watch these channels, in order to purchase the product of their choice and need.

Briefing about the authenticity and wonderful performance of Viatek Products, example can be given of‘BREEZIE BLADELESS TABLETOP FAN’. Operated through USB or battery, it is a very cozy, beautiful and a very wanted type of product that is the need of the time. Fitted with an adjustable angle for directing the air towards the desired angle,it provides a very soothing breezy comfort to people working in offices or at home. There is a cooling sponge too for activating the “Cool Breeze” feature that is activated through placing properly the frozen sponge in the back of the Fan. Further to it, fragrance can also be applied to the sponge for creating air freshener effect. It is a pre-tested and safe to use product that is also given a six months limited Guarantee, if purchased on-line directly from Viatek Consumers Products Group Inc. USA.

World-wide corporate and Sales offices provide immediate information to intended customers during working hour. Buyers can also avail the opportunity of on-line sales of Viatek Products any time of the day. International contact offices at UK, Germany, Shenzhen China, Hong Kong, Mexico and homeland United States are ready to answer all queries immediately, as and when asked.